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Please let us know the purpose and deadline of the translation if any, so that we know exactly the type of service you require. (e.g. applying for PR, applying for university, driving licence conversion, MOM employment matters, for bank, for oversea use, etc.)

Service requiredStandard translationCertified translationNotarised translation

What is clean verbatim?
The transcribed text does not include speech errors, false starts and various filler words, such as: umm, uh, hmm, so, you know, sort of, etc.

What is full verbatim?
The text is transcribed exactly as it sounds and includes all utterances of the speakers (e.g. Mm-hmm, uh-huh, umm, uh, etc.)

What is timestamping?
Timestamps allow the reader of the transcript to easily find the corresponding spot in the audio or video file. In other ways, our transcribers can mark preferred time points of the audio or video into the text usually on speaker change and paragraph breaks.

Note: Please do not choose full verbatim and timestamping unless necessary as it will bring the transcription cost higher.

Text formatClean verbatimFull verbatim

TimestampingNot requiredRequired


Our online notarial services include delivery of the notarised documents to your home or office address.

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